Inverter Kit for Carbines of the CBC brand Jade PRO models

This kit is for you who want to practice shooting with high precision.

It also makes it possible to install and use a scope without worrying about kickback and vibration generated by the shots.

Finalizado - Kit Completo - Aberto
Finalizado - Kit Completo - Fechado
Finalizado - Modo de Uso
Finalizado - Peça - Pistão
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The Inverter Kit

We updated the manufacturing process and design of the Elite Airguns pistons.

Thus came the term " Invert ".

We have improved power performance and simplified installation.

In production, we were able to eliminate oil in the piston manufacturing process and guarantee hydrocarbon-free and oxidation-free handling!
In the Inverter Kit the weight of the piston has been re-dimensioned, and the new way of assembly makes it maintain the perfect alignment of the gas spring tube (GAS RAM) in relation to the rod. We minimize any friction or interference in operation.

This increases the service life of Elite Airguns kits even more!

Kit Components

  • Adhesive packaging with information;

  • Piston;

  • GasRam;

  • Lubricant;

  • PU bushing;

  • Teflon O'ring and Centering washer.


Technical information

  • Total kit weight:
    279 grams

  • Total length of the kit:

  • Diameter of working chamber:

  • Plunger weight:
    139 grams

  • Plunger length:
    164 mm

  • GasRam weight:
    140 grams

  • GasRam Length:


Available loads and indicated activities

  • 40 kg
    Field Target evidence;
    Chalk Proof;
    Plinking & Hunting;
    Use of telescopes and objectives.

  • 45 kg
    Field Shot;
    Target shooting;
    Plinking & hunting;
    Metallic Silhouette;
    Use of Scopes and Objectives.

  • 50 kg
    Metallic Silhouette;
    Plinking & Hunting;
    Shots with greater impact;
    Use of Scopes and Objectives.

  • 55 and 60 kg
    Open Sight Shots;
    Shots with greater Impact;
    Metallic Silhouette.


Ballistics Information

Post 04 - Tabela.png

Video shows the installation step by step.


PDF Installation Manual


Elite Airguns recommends that your products are installed by an experienced dealer. Otherwise, anyone with Internet access can access the video or PDF installation manual available on this page and follow the step by step so that they can complete the installation successfully.