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The Elite Airguns Company develops accessories and equipment for hunting and shooting sport. Our products are set for the most established and traditiontal brands on the world market.

We started in 2010, the pioneers of the gas spring technology for air rifles in Brazil. The gas spring, GAS RAM or Nitro, has soon become our specialty. We achieved nation wide and international recognition, and our customization kits are sold in the biggest and best stores around the country.

We align our techological developtment to keep track of the market's new realeses. We always update our products so they fit to the shooter's needs perfectly, seeking the best shooting experience.


Develop, manufacture and make the best accessories for compressed air rifles accessible to the world.

Guarantee customers total satisfaction when using Elite Airguns products,

improving the accuracy and comfort of your compressed air guns.

To be recognized as a national reference in precision accessories for air rifles, acting in the manufacture of products, sale, customization and advice of the best quality for our customers and consumers.

To guarantee the best possible experience for the sniper, through the production of the best and most modern accessories and equipment, aiming at comfort, precision and useful life of equipment.


Be the best and most reputable company to develop techlogy to air rifles.

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